Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hasta la vista, baby Jesus

No computer still, but I managed to appropriate one, and downloaded The Lost City Part I & II. Plot aside (S7 is easier to watch "plot aside") I quite enjoyed both episodes. The "teamness" of the temple scene was a breath of fresh air, a most welcome, most nostalgic throw-back to seasons one-four. I felt the love and that was good. I've dearly missed what Tripoli dubs the "OT4".

The winning 'ship this time around, for those who care about such things, must be Jack/Teal'c. The great loser is Jack/Sam, because their characterizations relative to each other get more obscure and convoluted by the minute. "Where's the boyfriend who got told all the secrets of the Stargate?" is the only mystery I've cared about since Chimera. That, and where the hell's Sarah? You'd think when Anubis comes a-calling, she'd be number one tactical expert on site.

Moving on.

Daniel and Jack felt like friends again; more than colleagues who shared a past, or former lovers held together by a common space long after the fire's burned out. I never thought those two disliked each other, were personally antagonistic (as opposed to professionally antagonistic, which is a rather appealing feature of their relationship), but I haven't felt the friendship, the intimacy, the 'chumminess' in a long while; until TLC (what an appropriate acronym), where the positive awareness of--and empathy for--each other was back. The fact that Jack was so much more present factors prominently in this relief from the distance and overall disengagement perceived thus far.

"What is good characterization? In the context of Stargate. Of particular interest is Salieri's answer. Have a look. I ended up talking myself into another question: Must any complex, realistic, psychologically sound fic characterization of a character extracted from a canon which is neither complex, realistic nor psychologically sound be, by necessity, AU?

Hasta la vista, baby Jesus.

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