Friday, March 15, 2013

Excel starts slow

Truthfully, Excel starts off a little slow, with lots of exposition and
Ben wrapping his tongue around foreign words like Apears and
Chartu, to name just a few. But it doesn’t take long before you are
wrapping your brain around them too. The story begins with our hero, Carol
Westeps, in Peru on an archeological dig. Returning to the United
States he makes a discovery that terrifies him. The world as he knows it
has changed and he finds that the Interlopers are everywhere. Carol is the
only one who can see them and they don’t like it. Along with some very
colorful friends, he’s in for the fight of his life to save his wife
and rest of humanity from an evil older than time.

I have to say that Ben is good with the descriptions and main body of
the text, with a great speaking voice and clear diction, but it’s the
dialogue where he really shines. He literally becomes the person and
infuses each character with their own personality. You can see his real
talent come to the fore when he breathes life into the voices of the
people on the page. And he’s a marvel with accents from countries all over
the world. Once you start listening it’s almost impossible to stop.

There's one thing I wanted to cover still yest, but it is well prezented here. In case you need to know how to stop the macro recorder. This is our statement of intent. It gives our purpose and goals, and shows to what use funds donated to us would be put.

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